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Welcome to the site Vladladies!

To use the functionality of the site, you need to register and pay a membership fee
To review the girls
Until you make your payment, we will not be able to see, correspond and meet with the girls from our club.
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How to pay

To pay for a subscription, you must have a PayPal account.
There must be money on it.
Choose how many months you want to subscribe to and click on the button under the label.
You will automatically redirect to the payment page.


Please pay member fee by PayPal

Making own profile (wait some minutes after paying PayPal to enter your 


Sending message to ladies

If chat lady answer to your message, you can start chat with your chat lady

If You want talk  with chat lady directly and  if she is agree to meet you,

You can meet your chat lady directly at Vladivostok, so come to Vladivostok.


Please let's know about MeetUp planning, we will confirm to lady

We will let you know about your meeting with your chat lady, date, place.

YOU Prepare visiting Vladivostok, buy air ticket, booking hotel..and arrive Vladivostok.


Before meet your chat lady, first of all please come to our office to 

register yourself and proof who you are.


We need your passport, driving license and if you have marriage mind show us document that you are legally single.


Our Strict rule (this is our protect system for lady)


Before meeting your chat lady directly in Vladivostok, 

You can't do ask your chat lady her email address and phone number and so on.


After meeting your chat lady in Vladivostok, if she likes you she will pass you her email and phone number. 

You can communicate with lady directly.


If you want meet another lady, please discuss with our staff at office.

We will contact lady, lady will agrees or not. If  YES, we can arrange meeting her.


If your chat lady ask you money or special require before meeting, 

please let's us know quickly, we will check the fact to lady.